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Leading Toronto software development firm accelerates product adoption

About Konverge

Clients have been coming to Konverge for over 20 years for help with leveraging technology to meet their organizational objectives. Konverge’s consulting practice includes custom software solutions & mobile application development. In addition, Konverge markets a portfolio of award winning software solutions.

Konverge's software development Toronto is 100% Canadian owned, working closely with medium and large enterprises across industries and across Canada and internationally, too.

Konverge currently has two products and constantly innovating to find new ways to serve you, check them out

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The Challenge

Very low bandwith and reliant upon inbound only lead generation. Not seeing desired results.

The Solution

Launch targeted Ubico campaigns aimed at upmarket companies that were not searching for ranking keywords.

The Results

50+ qualified opportunities with key decision-makers. Engagement rates : 50% open-rate, 10% reply-rate.

Trusted by companies across different industries

They automated lead engagement with Ubico


Custom Software development solutions that help you bring your business vision to life.

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Interactive Augmented Reality Experiences for Social Media and the Web

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ServisBot transforms Customer Engagement through using Conversational AI and through the deployment of an Army of Bots that manage conversations to achieve better outcomes and create exceptional customer experience.

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Accedo is the trusted video experience transformation pioneer, improving the lives of video consumers by the hundreds of millions.

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Blue Rover

blueRover connects your Internet of Things (IOT), and monitors any work environment, asset or equipment with sensor technology. Gather information in any space or workplace, and track assets, or monitor devices, with a real-time, infinite and secure data stream to a virtual private cloud on the internet.

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Trusource is a privately-owned Canadian company committed to providing its clients with the best drinking water experience possible.

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