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"Ubico was instrumental in defining multiple new customer segments, adding pipeline value, and establishing customer targeting insight over the course of the campaign"

Kool Replay

Kool Replay generates pipeline of 20k in 30 days

About Kool Replay

Defining the new generation of picture and video capturing!

KoolReplay Picture and Video Systems leverages the humongous power of Internet of things to make the photos/videos capturing and sharing process totally seamless. The company’s flagship product, the Kool Replay™ system features breakthrough proprietary patent pending software algorithms and low cost COTS hardware to provide a unique solution for Automatic Video and Picture Capturing.

The Kool Replay™ system bridges images taken from dedicated fixed base full HD cameras and user smartphones. The solution can be installed virtually anywhere the action takes place and/or where there is a desire to obtain pictures and video footage. Typically deployment sites include: amusement parks, challenge courses, family entertainment centers, motorized sports, obstacle races, zip line sites, etc.

From a user standpoint the system delivers amazing value:

• Automatic, convenient and seamless photo and video capturing process allowing user to focus on the fun.  

• Instant viewing and sharing of content on social medias

• Guarantees that all the desirable shots are captured (totally dependable)

• Higher quality than any portable device

The Kool Replay system is deployed at partnering sites. It offers a unique way to increase the revenue per guest, enhance satisfaction and carry a positive image of the site a long way over the social networks. Moreover, the system offers the following benefits to partnering sites:

• Unique differentiation factor over competition

• Online visibility and a unique media to animate relationship with guests

• Additional revenue stream

• Low investment/high impact on sales unique tool

The Challenge

Francois from Kool Replay had a difficult time sourcing new contacts for his TAM in the US. He had tried other competitors with modest success. Coming from a sales background, Francois knew he had to fill his pipeline with qualified leads.

The Solution

Ubico accelerated this process. Francois was considering hiring a sales rep, however onboarding, training and sourcing leads for a new rep made Ubico an attractive alternative.

The Results

53% open-rate and 15.1% reply-rate after 30 days. 5x ROI.

Trusted by companies across different industries

They automated lead engagement with Ubico


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