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"The Ubico platform has helped us define our Ideal Customer Profile based off of their machine learning driven insights"

Ueat Technologies

Ueat accelerates US expansion

About Ueat

UEAT offers innovative ordering solutions, enabling restaurants to offer online ordering directly from their website for both delivery and take-out orders. UEAT offers self-serve ordering kiosks to restaurant owners. The kiosks allow consumers to browse the menu, order and pay without waiting at the register.

UEAT was created by young Quebec entrepreneurs who have always leveraged technologies to simplify their business operations. On several occasions, they used software platforms to help them improve their efficiency.

Their goal: always looking to optimize operations and to reduce the administrative overhead of their businesses, while maximizing profit margins. They want to share their winning recipe with an industry that has been experiencing a major and constant transformation with the advent of the Web and mobile: the restaurant industry.
Indeed, the restaurant industry is facing major challenges that threaten the survival of restaurants every month:

  • the increase of costs
  • difficulty recruiting and keeping staff
  • consumers are more volatile and connected

Driven by the desire to make technology accessible to as many people as possible, UEAT acts and helps restaurant owners. UEAT makes a difference by creating the adapted solutions for them: online ordering and self ordering kiosks. These solutions include tools to help restaurateurs obtain additional sales.

UEAT makes restaurateurs’ lives easier, ensuring a better future for their business.

The Challenge

Ueat was introducing a new product in a new market with a growing team based in Quebec City.

The Solution

Ubico helped accelerate this expansion, specifically starting with the Northern half of the US. The campaigns create were hyper-specific : with number of locations per franchise that have already adopted certain technologies.

The Results

$25,000 generated in the first 30 days.

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