Gain a competitive edge by combining data, machine learning and automation

Sales Development Robot Automation

Let your Sales Development Robot do all the grunt work. Leads that show interest get forwarded straight to your CRM + inbox. All your sales team has to do is : follow up on the conversation.

Doing outreach at scale can be daunting. Rest easy knowing that you have a dedicated robot to support you every step of the way.

Step 1 - Discovery

30-min on-boarding determining your ideal customer profile and who you wish to target.

During this time, we drill down on the exact person you want to initiate conversations with.

Step 2 - Prospecting

Our Sales Development Robot gets to work prospecting and creating your ideal list of prospects in your TAM.

Using Machine Learning, we'll match your ideal customer profile with high-quality up-to-date leads from our database of over 70 million verified contacts.

Step 3 - Campaign

With engagement rates averaging 5x industry average - our personalized data-driven campaigns are built to start relationships.

Our Machine learning algorithms follow-up with prospects based on behaviour, such as opens and replies.

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