Generate real conversations with ideal buyers without all the manual and repetitive effort

Generate new leads or enrich your current leads
Personalized emails at scale with targeted data
Handoff to your email from automated assistant
Launch campaigns that convert with the power of AI

Eliminate the countless hours that goes into building a targeted list. On average, a sales rep spends 2 hours a day manually building lists. With Ubico, it takes you 2 minutes.

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Personalization at scale

Use our high-converting templates, or create your own custom sequences. Increase conversion rates by leveraging targeted data points about your leads - making the dialogue about them.

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Automated assistant handoff

The AI assistant will forward the lead to your email inbox when appropriate, for you to follow-up on the conversation.

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Less work, more conversations with ideal buyers.

Ubico integrates with your existing systems and workflows.
Automated Smart Workflows
Automatic sending, follow-ups, smart customer segmentation.
Shared Targeting
Sync email inboxes from any email provider, capture individual rep success and distribute the engaged leads to your marketing org for retargeting via Facebook, LinkedIn or Quora.
Lead Research
Find industry, company and prospect specific information from news, blogs, company sites, social.
Data Acquisition and Operations
Automate contact data acquisition, data entry, list building, email verification, data enrichment, data cleaning and storage.
Design and launch experiments to A/B test targeting, messaging, positioning, subject lines, email copy, etc.
Iterate with data
Learn what’s working and tweak the campaign parameters daily, weekly and monthly.
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Integrates with your systems

Connect any email inbox
Google Drive
Mail Chimp
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Seamless integration with your
existing email inbox.

Connect your Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, Yahoo! Mail or any other email provider in seconds.
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Ubico, AI-Powered Lead Engagement


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