Work with your AI sales assistant to identify, engage and qualify leads

No technical skills required -
AI-powered sales development

Let your AI assistant do all the grunt work. Leads that show interest get forwarded straight to your CRM + inbox. All your sales team has to do is : follow up on the conversation.

Doing outreach at scale can be daunting. Rest easy knowing that you have a dedicated robot to support you every step of the way.

Eliminate the countless hours that goes into building a targeted list

On average, a sales rep spends 2 hours a day manually building lists. With Ubico, it takes you 2 minutes.

1-on-1 personalization at scale

Use our high-converting templates, or create your own custom sequences. Increase conversion rates by leveraging targeted data points about your leads - making the dialogue about them.

Smart Sequences

With engagement rates averaging 5x industry average - our personalized data-driven campaigns are built to start relationships.

Our Machine learning algorithms follow-up with prospects based on behaviour, such as opens and replies.

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