Reinventing sales teams around data

Smarter Prospecting for
better customer targeting

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Our role is to fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads
using Machine Learning.

1-1 personalization

Following up with personalized emails is time consuming and nearly impossible at scale.We create personalized sequences based on behavioral data.

Automated targeted list building

A sales representative spends on average 2 hours a day on manual list building.

Outreach at scale

Achieving consistent deliverability rates across your campaigns is hard. We handle the end-to-end technical setup.

Hundreds of campaigns and thousands of emails later..

We have customers in various industries

Dedicated Expert

Creating and outbound lead generation system is a necessary place to start, but only half the equation.

The other half is creating and implementing the process in a way that serves the business, ensures the system is followed and will generate tangible revenue, not just a projection of it.

In Beta

Virtual Sales Assistant

Automate lead qualification so that instead of relying on forms and follow-ups - you connect with your best leads in real-time.

We integrate with industry leading platforms

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