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Close more deals by automating your outbound prospecting. Ubico is sales intelligence and email outreach software all-in-one.
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Increased pipeline starts with a conversation

“Ubico is indispensable for our business, it sources 50% of our new customers.”

- Robin, Co-Founder at Catalyst
Catalyst Marketing

Reach your ideal future customers.

Identify and reach your next best customer using data-driven insights and buying signals that reveal ready-to-buy companies.
Contact and Company Data searched on-demand
Technographics & Buyer Intent
AI-powered email classification

Personalize emails at scale.

Launch powerful cold email sequences, send follow-ups that don't feel generic, and open more opportunities by leveraging relevant and contextual data.
Best-in-class features
Created specifically for sales outreach
Hyper-personalization with custom sentences

Scheduling, simplified.

Your prospects get hundreds of emails a day. Stand out with a simple, clear and powerful scheduling call-to-action. By including a Ubico link in your outbound emails, prospects can easily engage and convert.
AI-Powered, Round Robin, AutoSchedule
Real-time, two-way calendar sync
Eliminates wasted time and increases demos
More conversations, better prospecting
5x your sales team's response rates and save time to spend on more strategic activities.
Seamlessly follow-up with prospects
Consistent follow-ups leads to the best results. Use pre-built templates and sequences to keep prospects engaged.
Make data-driven decisions
Use insights and analytics to identify your best opportunities and unlock your teams’ full potential.
AI Copywriting Engine

Generate email sequences in seconds using AI.

Automatically generate well written professional emails from only a few simple bullet points helping you convert more leads into customers.
Customer Stories

Start.io increased their email conversion rate by 50% in their first month.

Andrew Green
Sr. Director of Sales
“As a fairly short-handed sales staff, having Ubico is really important to us. The ability to do the entire funnel of finding contacts, sending them an email cadence and setting up the meetings has made my job a lot easier.”

Automate time-consuming outreach tasks.

As prospects respond to your campaigns, our system will automatically categorize those responses and use that information to optimize the campaign. Similar to look-a-like optimization on Facebook.
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“Ubico's automated outbound campaigns takes care of all the grunt work and only provide me with the leads that I need to engage with.”

Nicholas Fréchette

Marketing Lead, Ueat Technologies
Testimonial Image

“The leads we're getting connected to through the Ubico platform are way higher quality than anything we've generated from Adwords in the past.”

Daniel Farag Zada

Sales Director, Saturn Packaging
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“Ubico was instrumental in defining multiple new customer segments, adding pipeline value, and establishing customer targeting insight over the course of the campaigns.”

Francois Tremblay

CEO, Founder at Kool Replay Systems

Integrates with your favourite tools

Ubico works seamlessly with thousands of tools, including the most popular CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Copper.
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