Enabling teams with AI-powered sales assistants

Spend time talking to buyers, not doing robot-like work.

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Sales development is broken.

Eliminate Manual Lead Generation by Automating Data Aggregation

Deploy intelligent software robots to automatically acquire sales intelligence for lead generation, supplementing your CRM system with the business intelligence you need to close sales.

Grow Sales Pipeline via Integrated Web Data

Quickly build prospecting lists and business profiles by automatically extracting, processing and integrating web data that helps you target the right opportunities and grow your sales pipeline.

Personalized outreach
at scale

By acquiring and validating up to
5 types of data,
launch experiment-driven personalized campaigns through our sales engagement platform.

Automate your digital buyer journey.

The world of direct sales is changing. With relevant and accurate data, it can become possible to find the right people at the right time, when they need your product/solution.

Clients and partners

Whether you’re a new VP at a fast-growing startup or an experienced revenue leader at a Fortune 500 company, Ubico is designed to grow with you.

8 weeks to ROI
With a 70% higher lead conversion rate

Sales Automation drives B2B Growth

Learn how to solve your company's data challenges by combining data + automation to unlock growth.

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Case Studies

We integrate with industry leading CRMs

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