More conversations with ideal buyers, less effort.

Powered by intelligent automation.

Ubico helps you grow pipeline efficiently by connecting you with leads
in a personalized and automated way.

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Trusted by innovative companies

AI-Powered B2B Lead Engagement

Connect with leads automatically
with speed and hyper-relevance at scale

Ubico helps you increase pipeline by combining email automation + AI to eliminate the mundane, low-value sales prospecting and data entry tasks that your reps hate doing.

Transform your broken outreach process into a smart AI-driven process

Ubico provides robust lead generation, email automation and machine learning capabilities
out-of-the-box through a friendly easy-to-use campaign builder.

How it works

A system that learns continuously, just like you

Ubico uses natural language processing to understand responses and machine learning to optimize how you deliver relevant messages.

Automation workflows to empower your team

Automatic sending, follow-ups, smart segmentation, contact data acquisition, email verification, data enrichment, data clearning and more.

Accurate analytics that gives you immediate feedback

Engagement rates and reporting delivered to you to quickly test targeting, messaging, positioning, subject lines, email copy, etc.

Accelerate your digital transformation

Our team is dedicated to partner with forward-thinking organizations looking to re-invent how they do sales.
“The Ubico platform has helped us define our Ideal Customer Profile based off of their machine learning driven insights. This has helped us target our customers in a far more efficient fashion as we expanded into new markets.”
Nicholas Frechette
Marketing Manager

Infrastructure + Technology + Expertise

It takes more than just chrome extensions and fancy dashboards to be a modern sales and marketing team.

Whether you’re a new VP at a fast-growing startup or an experienced revenue leader at a Fortune 500 company, Ubico is designed to grow with you.
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“Ubico was instrumental in defining multiple new customer segments, adding pipeline value, and establishing customer targeting insight over the course of the campaigns.”

Francois Tremblay

CEO, Founder at Kool Replay Systems
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“The leads we're getting connected to through the Ubico platform are way higher quality than anything we've generated from Adwords in the past.”

Daniel Farag Zada

Sales Director, Saturn Packaging
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“Ubico's automated sales assistants do all the busy work and only provide me with the leads that I need to engage with.”

Nicholas Fréchette

Marketing Lead, Ueat Technologies
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A guide to modern sales prospecting

Over the last decade, the B2B buyer has changed dramatically. We went from buying perpetual licenses to SaaS, which has resulted in shifting the risk from the buyer to the seller.

Learn how the fastest growing software companies approach their sales development efforts.
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Ubico, AI-Powered B2B Lead Engagement


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