How Hire GI improved their lead generation using Ubico

"We've had a pretty good success rate with clients buying our packages that came from Ubico"
Jermaine A. Higgins
Chief Strategy / Operation Officer

The challenge

Hire GI had 2 issues. Not closing at a good enough rate, and lead generation wasn't as high as it shouldn've been. They needed a new channel to find their buyers. They've tried traditional platforms, but haven't done anything advanced.

The solution

By utilizing Ubico's state-of-the-art prospecting feature, and sequencing tools, HireGI developed a strong outbound process. This allowed HireGI's sales team to create a personalized outreach strategy using high-quality data points and optimal communication channels, maximizing performance.

Furthermore, the division of operations into two main areas – prospecting and engagement – enabled hyper-personalization of strategies while managing results in a more targeted manner.

Hire GI has been using Ubico for over 2 years  and they have already experienced a noticeable improvement in 2 main areas:

- Increased productivity. Particularly with the automated segment feature, Hire GI was able to optimize their outbound strategy and deliver a better structured outreach while focusing on providing a personalized approach.

- Iterate sales operations 2x faster. By leveraging Ubico’s all-in-one solution, they were able to move data much faster, helping them iterate more times and reach their outreach goals before expected.

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