How digital agency MAKE drives new revenue using Ubico

"Ubico has been worth every penny invested for us. We have gotten leads, booked demos and conversations."
Michael Fess
Founder & Principal

The challenge

MAKE Digital was struggling to identify and test new Ideal Customer Profiles, and lacked clarity on which target customer to focus on. They had no system in place to create demand with buyers in their target market. Make Digital has a wide range of services, so they needed a better way to see which messaging would resonate most with their buyers.

The solution

Ubico gave Make Digital a system for top-of-funnel lead generation. They've been able to leverage Ubico as a framework to assist in developing their own sales process. With the leads that have been generated, Make Digital was able to leverage that information in other marketing efforts such as LinkedIn and Google Ads. Make Digital was able to 10x their ability to test new campaigns using Ubico.

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