How NeuralSpace accelerates their go-to-market using Ubico

"We use Ubico to generate leads and automate our sales workflows."
Ayushman Dash
CEO & Co-founder

The challenge

When Neuralspace started using Ubico, they were very early in their startup journey. They were still figuring out which segments to go after, and they didn't have a repeatable and scalable sales process.

The solution

By utilizing Ubico's segmentation engine, and workflow builder, Neuralspace is able to solve their top-of-funnel challenges and build out a lead nurturing process. This allowed Neuralspace's sales team to nurture and convert the leads that are qualified through a personalized outreach strategy using high-quality data and multiple channels like Email + LinkedIn.

Neuralspace has been using Ubico for over 3 years and they have experienced a noticeable improvement in 2 main areas:

  • Iterate sales operations 2x faster - they were able to source and engage with data from the markets they wanted to impact, helping them iterate on multiple sequences  and reach their outreach goals faster than expected
  • Increased productivity. Particularly with the automated segment feature, Neuralspace is able to generate new accounts that fit their ideal customer profile.

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