AI-Powered B2B Lead Engagement

Lead engagement and Scheduling
for sales teams has never been this easy.

Ubico helps you cut sales costs by providing AI-powered tools you need
to automate repetitive lead generation activities.

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Trusted by innovative companies

74% of sales teams can't respond within 5-minutes

42 hours
average response time

The average initial response time for 2,241 companies testes by the Harvard Business Review research team.

more likely to connect

When you respond in < 5 minutes, you are 100 times more likely to make initial contact with a lead over waiting just an hour

more likely to qualify

When you respond in < 5 minutes, you are 21 times more likely to convert a lead into an opportunity over waiting just an hour

Ubico solves this by enabling speed-to-lead.
Powered by intelligent automation.

Robust email automation, lead generation and scheduling functionality through a simple intuitive dashboard.

70% of inbound leads never turn into a meeting

Say goodbye to countless hours of data collection + data entry.

Our platform fills your sales pipeline with qualified leads using AI.

Average increase in engagement rates
Decrease in CPL (Cost Per Lead)
30 hrs+
Average number of hours saved on data collection and data entry

What our customers think

Whether you’re a new VP at a fast-growing startup or an experienced revenue leader at a Fortune 500 company, Ubico is designed to grow with you.
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“Ubico was instrumental in defining multiple new customer segments, adding pipeline value, and establishing customer targeting insight over the course of the campaigns.”

Francois Tremblay

CEO, Founder at Kool Replay Systems
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“The leads we're getting connected to through the Ubico platform are way higher quality than anything we've generated from Adwords in the past.”

Daniel Farag Zada

Sales Director, Saturn Packaging
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“Ubico's automated sales assistants do all the busy work and only provide me with the leads that I need to engage with.”

Nicholas Fréchette

Marketing Lead, Ueat Technologies

Seamless integration with your
existing email inbox.

Connect your Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, Yahoo! Mail or any other email provider in seconds.


Ubico is designed to grow with you.

Whether you're a company with 40 employees or 4000, our automation platform provides the features and flexibility you need at every stage of your growth.

14-day Free Trial

  • 1 synced email account

  • 1 outreach campaign with
    300 net-new prospects

  • Full-access to scheduling

  • Full-access to inbound workflows

  • Intelligent inbox categorization

$0 per month

Start by trying our service for 14 days free trial.


  • Up to 3 synced email accounts

  • Access to all outreach, scheduling and inbound features.

  • Intelligent inbox categorization and segmentation.

  • CRM integration

  • Dedicated Account Manager

$499 per month

Hit the ground running by signing up to our service today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions from our customers

How long does it take for the campaign to start?
The on-boarding process takes 14 days. During this time, your dedicated account manager determines your ICP in collaboration with you. Additionally, the whole end-to-end technical setup is configured on our deliverability network.
Where does Ubico Labs get the data from?
Our data comes from various different sources :
- We have API integration with various data platforms.
- We extract relevant information from public websites.
- We have exclusive partnerships with data providers and data exchanges.
- We have research contractors who verify the information gathered and research additional information as needed.
What's your pricing?
Our pricing varies on the amount of prospects that are generated and targeted every month. A typical engagement is $3000 USD / month for 6 months.
How do the e-mails gets sent and received?
Through our own proprietary deliverability network engineered for outbound sales activities.
Can I cancel my membership at anytime?
Yes - all contracts are no lock-in, cancel anytime.

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Ubico, AI-Powered B2B Lead Engagement


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