How to prospect using Buyer Intent

February 7, 2024

Prospecting with Buyer Intent

Every sales funnel starts by identifying an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Instead of building large lists, we now focus on more specific criteria to improve the buying journey for our prospects. Customers leave a digital footprint, or create signals often defined as Intent-based or trigger-based signals which is an effective approach to finding ideal prospects that might have a use-case for your product.

So what are intent-based signals all about?

Intent-based outreach is a method by which we reach out to our prospects based on specific events happening within the company or that are happening to the prospect.

Analyzing multiple signals can be a good way to understand if a prospect might be in-market to buy or interested in solving a specific problem.

There are 3 main types of Intent Signals:

Profile Intent Signals:

These signals are based on the understanding that the prospect is likely interested in the product or service. There can be multiple intent signals like a change in position, working with a competitor, or hiring for a position.

Example: Recruitment agencies can look for hiring signals to reach out to companies with their service.

Example: Hiring for multiple sales positions can lead to software companies reaching out for a better and more scalable tech stack.

In Ubico, you could leverage our Job Postings signal to segment companies.

Automated Segments in Ubico

Indirect Intent Signals

These signals showcase that the prospect is engaging with your brand or product indirectly which demonstrates there might be a buying chance for your product.

Example: When a prospect looked at your LinkedIn profile without a connection request.

Example: Prospect views a specific page 4 times on your website in the last 7 days.

Direct Intent Signals

These signals reveal a direct interaction of the prospect with you or your product.

Example: When a prospect in an ABM campaign reaches out to you via LinkedIn.

Example: When a prospect fills out the contact info form at your website.

Key Takeaways:

Intent signals show that a prospect has a higher chance of buying the product or service.

There are different types of intent signals like profile, search, indirect, technographic and many more which all lead to different results.

For every different intent signal, teams should utilize a different methodology to nurture the prospect.

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