Why Warming Up your Email Domain Is Necessary

June 4, 2022

Cold email engagement is still the most efficient way to acquire customers in B2B, yet there are times when your emails never end up in a person's inbox. In this article, we'll take a look into how to warm up your email account and keep it that way, so you make sure to have the perfect email deliverability.

Some of the best ways to take care of your email reputation are setting up SPF and DKIM records and what account settings need your attention.

If your email domain is new, we highly recommend using an email warming service like https://www.mailwarm.com/ to warm up your domain quickly and ready it for email outreach. This is especially recommended for people setting up new email user accounts explicitly for cold outreach.

What is an email warm-up?

Email warm-up is a process that involves a gradual increase in your sending volume and earning a stronger reputation with different email providers. How to warm up your domain is a complicated topic with a lot of variables at play.

Where does Ubico fit in?

Although nobody can guarantee deliverability in the inbox there are some measures you should take to prevent the chances of landing in spam.

When you sign up with us, your dedicated account manager will check with you to see if your email domain has ever been used for cold email outreach or not and suggest best practices. If not, please log in to your dashboard and head over to the account settings.

In the email settings tab, lower the sending limit to 20 or 25 emails per day and follow the following schedule:

Week 1: between 20 to 40 emails per day

Week 2: between 40 to 60 emails per day

Week 3: between 60 to 80 emails per day

Week 4: between 80 to 100 emails per day

Our recommendation is always to start off sending small amounts of emails per day and gradually increase the count. If you are seeing positive engagement rates feel free to increase the count more aggressively and decrease the sending limit if the opposite is happening. Email is a long-term game and taking the needed steps early on will ultimately yield greater success.

Ubico also ensures that no emails are sent due to bad variables in the email body, ensuring no harm comes to the domain when emails are accidentally incomplete or are using wrong / incomplete merge variables.

Another essential part is domain authentication, please follow this article for diagnosing your DKIM and SPF records.

Personalization is key when sending cold emails

While sending cold emails the end goal is to generate conversations with your ideal buyers. Ubico already ensures that the emails that are sent do not look automated, please see this article to learn more. Personalization is what makes a difference between good and average salespeople. Making the email about your buyer and not you will help in generating responses which are essential for your email deliverability and builds legitimacy for you as a sender.

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