Say 👋 to Ubico 2.0

We're expanding our offering to include more workflows, to engage your leads wherever they are. Ubico is becoming more flexible than ever, letting you build your most creative campaigns without the need for a developer.
  • Workspaces & Team Collaboration
  • Source Leads Instantly
  • Data-Driven Segmentation Engine
  • Visual Workflow Builder
  • Multi-Channel Outreach

See the product in action.

We've listened and acted on your feedback

We've gathered feedback from our customers to identify what were the most important things we could improve on.

  • Auto-save on any work. No more losing progress on your campaigns.
  • Sync more than 1 email account to your Ubico account. No more flipping through different logins.
  • People profiles. Get a complete picture of each lead you're engaging with.
  • Improved statistics. Choose your own date range, and see more detailed stats for each campaign.
Philippe Kwiatkowski
Ubico, Founder and CEO

A word from our CEO

For most of Ubico's existence, we've been singularly focused on helping our customers nail their outbound motion. We've witnessed remarkable transformations, with clients evolving from having no reliable source of new customers to generating millions of dollars in revenue, even securing deals with some of their largest clients, thanks to their use of Ubico.

As an ambitious team, we don't want to just stop here. Our aspirations extend far beyond our current achievements. The integration of AI promises to revolutionize personalization in marketing, and we are determined to provide our customers with the essential tools to foster their business growth We've got a vision for building a new modern end-to-end marketing automation platform, with our data engine serving as its foundation.

Over the past ten months, our team has tirelessly worked on crafting Ubico 2.0. This endeavour required a complete overhaul of our product, a challenging feat that our dedicated product team successfully accomplished. We are now on the verge of releasing this improved version.

We genuinely appreciate each and every one of our customers, and your success is of paramount importance to us. Witnessing these success stories fills both me and the entire team with immense joy. We extend our heartfelt thanks to you, and we hope that you will derive significant value from the upcoming major iteration of our product.

Thank you!
-Phil, CEO at Ubico
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