Here’s Why AI Is the Next Step in Your Company’s Sales & Marketing Enablement

Artificial Intelligence
September 12, 2022

Artificial intelligence technology is the next frontier for sales and marketing enablement. Learn why this is, and how to implement it smartly - today. 

Artificial intelligence technology is the obvious next step for sales and marketing enablement. 

AI’s complex adaptability, high capacity for automation, and ability to completely future-proof SaaS companies are hard to ignore. Many companies, however, are still neglecting to consider the potential of AI as a credible option to support their sales and marketing needs. 

This failure to implement AI is a mistake you don’t want to make.

While it may have seemed to be a niche concept in its origin, AI has grown into a crucial component for the future of many startup businesses. Ignoring it as a production and operations management tool will lead your sales and marketing teams to fight a continuous uphill battle in the future. 

Read on to find out why and how you need AI right now.

Outdated Sales & Marketing Operations Will Disintegrate Your Business

A company can use simple software solutions to help its sales and marketing operations.

Part of their allocation of resources to support professionals comes from various tools. These tools typically include: 

  • A customer relations management platform (CRM)
  • An email marketing tool
  • Various automation kits
  • Analytics tools
  • A calendar manager
  • A booking manager

The idea behind such tools is to enable sales and marketing by making processes faster and more streamlined.

But you should never forget: tools are only there to enable us. They should not be a crutch.

An overabundance of tools diminishes efficiency and productivity. Businesses will fail to maximize opportunities, and they will fall behind. 

Some companies have introduced singular platforms that replace siloed tools that offer a poor investment return. 

Ubico is one such company.

We provide a single platform to handle all your outbound prospecting for sales enablement while offering all the necessary marketing enablement tools.

In a data-driven economy where performance, metrics, and optimization have all become standard indicators of a successful business, you want to be able to keep up. And the best way to do it?

Leave it to AI.

AI is the future for people management and data analysis. It objectively surpasses humans when it comes to delivering this information quickly and efficiently. Sales-enabled AI helps companies utilize programmed intelligence to manage technical processes. 

Instead of relying on professionals to manually complete these processes, which is inefficient and costs time and money, leave these tasks to the AI, and your employees can focus on more significant issues.

It’s a no-brainer: by using sales enablement AI, you can supercharge your sales process to reach new heights.

The same goes for marketing enablement. 

Strenuous email campaigns, monitoring responses, and specializing prospect data take time. Valuable time that your employees could better spend on other pursuits to grow your company. Marketing AI handles all these mundane processes speeding up the lead conversion process.  

Companies can convert their knowledge and specialized insights into programmable AI for sales and marketing. This technology will provide real-time results without the added difficulty of managing an abundance of outlets, paying for their subscriptions, and delegating knowledge to ensure each employee is competent with them. 

On the other hand, if you stick to outdated sales and marketing operations, your business will disintegrate. Using too many tools in your enablement is not the answer, and you will only end up drowning.

So what should you do?

Invest in a single AI platform that houses all your sales and marketing needs. It will sustain your employee’s longevity while future-proofing your business.

Artificial Intelligence Will Future-Proof Your Business 

Customers can access different products and services to cater to their needs. So companies need to stand out more than ever before.

The gap in quality and quantity becomes noticeable, especially as customers begin to interact more with your business. Email authenticity, personalization in messaging, and developing a genuine interest are fundamental shifts companies must adapt to - and innovative artificial intelligence platforms such as Ubico can provide them.

Manually completing these tasks is a chore for companies. 

Maintaining an authentic presence across the board will become more challenging as well. Diversification is good, but companies should find tools that make employees more productive. Investing in an extensive, ever-growing roster of software tools does not lead to more productivity.

Automating the brunt of your sales and marketing operations will thus future-proof your business.

AI is simply better at handling routine tasks. Most sales and marketing involve arranging processes: email marketing campaigns, prospect data collection, email classification, and more. Employees invest too much time in these processes, and companies can save this time by integrating sales AI and marketing AI systems.

Personalization is another crucial benefit that AI can enhance for your business. 

Prospects often receive dull cold emails, poor outreach attempts, and lazy company interactions. These efforts do not make them interested in buying and make companies seem robotic. The lack of authenticity is harmful and something they will remember. 

Companies create ineffective emails because they simply have to manage many of them. Artificial intelligence can remove the stress associated with volume and allow employees to focus on crafting quality copy that connects with prospects. 

Companies aiming for long-term business sustainability should strive for personalization in their operations. Prospects remember and respond well to it: 66% of marketers see a 1-20% improvement in their KPIs from personalization

This percentage proves that when personalization is met with precise human touch and AI integration, companies can create the ultimate sales machine that future-proofs their business.

Making the Shift to AI Before It’s Too Late

It is impossible to deny that AI has become more prevalent as of late:

The impact of AI is present in our day-to-day lives: Netflix’s AI-based recommendation engine is worth $1 billion, and technologies like Siri and Alexa have proved themselves as future mainstays, expected to grow exponentially as well.

On the other hand, small-to-medium-sized businesses will continue to remain the dominant motivator in our economy, and this is where AI’s trajectory will have the most impact. Smaller teams will have to adapt new strategies to keep up with the digital evolution AI will inevitably present.

Ubico is the ideal demonstration of the direction companies should lean toward to integrate AI successfully into their sales and marketing operations. 

Simple yet effective. The perfect tool replaces excessive tech stacks, bound for the advancement and progression of start-up businesses in the coming future.

Our software effectively provides all the AI-powered tools startups may need. These include conversation intelligence, personalization assistance, fully integrated email automation, and specialized email marketing - a top lead generation method.

Investing in Ubico as an AI platform will eliminate concerns regarding the future of your sales and marketing enablement. 

Companies, on average, use seventy-five tools in their tech stack. AI will dramatically lessen this number and ultimately allow companies to focus on their internal productivity, thanks to Ubico’s artificial intelligence-based sales and marketing platform.

Businesses must shift to artificial intelligence-based enablement tools and resources before it's too late. Competitors will adopt this technology and gain a dominant market share. You don’t want to miss this train before it’s too late.

AI presents a massive opportunity for businesses to evolve and grow, and the time to invest is now.


Companies constantly seek innovative technology to improve their business operations.

AI is the next step in sales and marketing enablement.

Just as with the introduction of industrial technology or software development, AI is the distinguishing factor that will lead companies to further growth. It presents ease of use, automation, practicality, and the ability to create time and save money. 

At Ubico, we have created a unique value proposition.

Our business model is to help companies optimize their tech stack by providing a scalable suite of essential tools baked into one singular sophisticated platform.

If your company needs help discovering what’s next, consider Ubico as an option for foundationally upgrading your enablement operations.

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